Amina Hassine is a Tunisian artist who was born with an innate passion for drawing and colours. For her, painting is more than a passion, it is part of her free spirit and the vastness of her endless imagination. She favours innovation and a richness of shapes, colours and meanings, and is drawn to different schools of painting, from fantasy and abstract to modern and surreal.

She is a self-taught artist who uses her talent on the one hand and refines it on the other. She studied at the College of Higher Commercial Studies and obtained a degree in Accounting Management. In the year 2023, she decided to devote herself to painting and to rethink her priorities and ways of achieving true freedom. Because freedom comes when you give yourself completely to what you want from your heart. She loves creativity and the arts in general and does not see life as beautiful without them. Her soul swims in the world of imagination and emotion with every good poem she hears. She is addicted to reading and pleasure. She is interested in literature and philosophy, and loves to break the rules and rebel against the established.

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